Application requirements

Client must meet the criteria for level 3 facility based off the description created by Medicaid and the state of North Carolina. Client must have an axis I mental health diagnosis confirmed by a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA) and/or Psychological Evaluation signed by a licensed professional. Client must have a CCA recommending level 3 placement signed within the last 3 months.

Application Review Criteria

Person Centered Plan (PCP), CCA and Application are to be completed clearly and completely and faxed or emailed to the Case Manager at RDC.

Once the application documents are received by RDC, a pre-admission assessment phone interview will be scheduled to gather more information. Once the required documents and the pre-admission assessment are complete, all information will be presented to the clinical team for review. The clinical team will review the documents and make a decision if the consumer is appropriate for placement in our program based on the criteria, clinical information and the milieu of the current home situation. The decision of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent to the current clinical team via email or phone.

Approval process

Once a client has been approved for admission, the authorization process will begin. The current clinical team will be notified of the required documents needed in order for RDC to submit for authorization from the MCO. RDC will also send a list of required documents needed to complete the admission. In order to submit the authorization request, a tentative admission date must be set. Once the MCO approves the authorization request RDC will confirm an admission date with the current clinical team. Please note the MCO can take up to 14 days to make a decision on an authorization request therefore it is imperative documents are received thoroughly completed and in a timely manner. In an emergency situation a request can be expedited but only when certain criteria is met. 

All required documentation for admission must be clearly written and received prior to admission, including all medical clearance forms and copies of medication prescriptions.

    Download forms below and submit via fax or scan and email to

     Admission Application

    Medical Clearance Statement 

    Consumer Rights


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